Ghetto Film Scanning

Film scanning is a pain. Some scanners have attachments for 35mm stock and only the really expensive ones can scan 120mm. You can send your film off to be fingered by proffesionals, but thats expensive and time consuming. You’re also relying on royal mail, which is never a good plan.

Ghetto Scanner MK1
As negative film is transparent, you need to have some backlight before you really see the detail. You can stick your negatives to the window and let the sun do all the work, but your prone to funny colours & patterns reflecting off whatever is outside

However frosted glass provides a even diffuse light, which averages out the colours reflected from outside. Nine times out of ten frosted glass produces a nice even white-ish light. Perfect for illuminating film.

20100905_004.jpgIts not very elegant, and there isn’t much space. but its better than nothing.

and here are some results: