Now that the outside has been completed, its time to fit out the insides. I want to make my shed habitable, because, well why not?


All good sheds need a bench, or two. I had recently recovered some sexy roof timbers from a neighbour’s loft conversion. Some of the timber was 4×4″ jobbies, which make excellent legs

However it did require some careful planning, so the cuts ended up in the correct places.

What I had not accounted for properly, was old wood tends not to be 100% square:

However it still went together as a frame:

Using Scaffold boards as the top, makes it look quite sexy:

In its final position:

Now it needs some cubbyholes/shelves at the back to make it a bit more useful.


It’ll be a pretty useless shed if it didn’t have power. The garden is ~50 meters from the house, which means that there are limited options for running cables. My advice: hire a pro. In the UK you need certification,so what ever you’ll do you’ll ned a sparky to come round and sign it off.

This is the shed breaker. Note the size of the cable. That’s a wonderfully oversized armoured jobbie suitable for > 32 amps. Not that I need it, yet.

It works!

Now I have one working socket! Onto laying out the some more. They are not wired in yet

You can see the extra pigeon-hole shelves in the back….


The new child demands that we re-do the spare bedroom’s carpet. Apparently a carpet stained by rabbit piss is not suitable for a newborn…. So we went to the independent carpet place (protip, if the salesman is wearing a £6,000 watch they are charging to much, walk out and find a new shop) We found an offcut and were away:


If I was more skilled I would have made some shelves and draws. However I’m not that skilled and I don’t have a tablesaw, so it’d be slow and tedious work. Therefore IKEA.

Notice the sexy carpet. These are Alex draws which are both cheap, inoffensive and solid. They are also labelled, which makes keeping stuff organised much easier.

This is the ikea bookcase installed before I put the carpet in. Sofa on the left, bench on the right, along with the axe storage.


The shed is fully networked:

The cat6 cable is in a conduit, which should provide some protection against animals and the elements. Getting the cable inside the conduit was a massive arse. Always buy conduit with tails already. It is most tedious otherwise.

The cables pulled and sealed. Sadly there are only two cables, I wanted 4, but that would have been much much harder.