Build – Biscuit Buttery Base

To minimise the amount of faff, I used a laser cutter to replace my lack of carpentry skills. Because I can specify virtually any style of cut to within 0.01mm I can bust out interlocking joints like a master.

Build it all:

Ginger Peril building

Having designed everything in illustrator and got everything cut, its now time for the build.

Lots of waterproof PVA to make everything stick together. Note the square plate with the re-enforcing ribs. This makes up the base of the Dovecot.

More Glue

Moar glue.

Gluing the roof supports

Glueing the roof supports.

Success, sorta

Having glued the base, walls and roof, the whole box is built. Its also reasonably rigid, which is a pleasing surprise. I was expecting to have to make after market adjustments to stop it bending in the wind.

It looks good
It looks sorta like a thing now.

With the roof open
The roof is open, although there are no sliders so its a bit loosey goosey.