Dovecote Drone Defence

An Englishman should be free to enjoy his castle, without interference from maundering drones. Now, you average colonial type (read American) would plump for something like this:
Horrid looking gun thing

However like a hot tub, no self respecting Gentleman would allow them selves to be seen with something so terrible vulgar. When James Bond required rockets, Q did the decent thing and hid them away out of sight:
German car sadly, but hidden rockets

The Brief:

To make a rocket defence system that is camouflaged enough to seamlessly fit into the English Country Garden. Therefore I present: The ROCKET DOVECOT

The Sketches

All good plans start with sketches. Plan one:
Plan one
Starts out as a bird box. However that doesn’t give you much space, as even the smallest rockets are about 11 inches.

Plan two
Ideas for opening the roof, starts mophing into the idea of a dovecote, the most English of useless garden accoutrements.

Plan Three
Sliding roofs are simple to make cheaply. No need for linear actuators, without beefy servos.

Plan Four
Working on the lift mechanism. Scissor lifts sure sounded like a good idea at the time. That is until gravity ‘got all up in yo face’