Refugee crisis, ain’t nothing new

Today is fucking depressing

Our brave leader Cameron has decreed that he’d rather see thousands of desperate souls die than risk denting the Tories already stupid record on immigration.

There has, I assume, been a calculation that until a really significant number of children start washing up dead, the Government can limp along as it is. There has been no meaningful debate because the media is full of this fetid VoxPop horse shit Just so you don’t have to look at that terrible person, I’ve taken the liberty of transcribing what she said:

“Its been one of the worst, we’ve said, [day] in, in our lives. It was horrendous, it was the lack of communication. It was being shut in the train, locked in, in the dark, with migrants knocking on the window and the young children saying ‘oh mummy there’s someone knocking on the window’ ”

In case you haven’t guessed, the “worst [experience] of our lives” was being stuck in the Eurostar for 10 hours whilst the police went to fetch a massive vacuum cleaner to remove the “swarms” of migrants attached to said train.

On a personal level

The current debate disgusts me. Considering the hero worship of those that lived through WW2, you’d think we’d take a minute to understand how many refugees we (Britain) took in then. sheltering a few thousand Asylum seekers (annually, directly from syria) isn’t going to be felt by anyone in a hurry. Its not like Cameron is going to be shot for granting an asylum application.

During the war, both my granddad and grandma fought in the resistance. Variously setting light to important things, destroying records, and providing shelter to those what needed it.

One day, just before the Nazis were rounding up some of the remaining Jews left in the town, My grandma’s family opened the door to find a small baby left in a Moses basket(I assume, it’d make for a wonderful biblical reference if it was a Moses basket).

What would you do? Taking in the baby would, if found out lead to your entire family’s deportation to oblivion. Leaving the child would be unquestionably callous, but understandable given the stakes.

Fortunately for said baby, she was taken in and raised as my grandmother’s own. Complete with back story about a love affair gone wrong, etc, etc. All was not roses. Given the Nazi’s propensity to starve the populous, and generally enquire into peoples private life, my family were exposed to perpetual risk.

However, they did their duty, and saved a child from obliteration at the hands of a callously indifferent system. They were by no means heroic. They did it not because they wished for recognition, they did it because they believed that it was the right thing to do. They believed that this little child had the right to live as a human being. Compared to that example, I’m a horrifically impotent spoilt little shit.

Once again language is important.

Notice how this is a migrant crisis. No mention of refugees. Migrants of course are here to suck our blood, take our jobs and simultaneously bleed the benefits system dry. Refugees have escaped rape, genocide, oppression and other untold horrors. Theresa May did a sterling job setting into place the idea that those willing to risk all were “economic migrants”

What kind of country are we?

The Tory election of 2015 made much noise about “British values” (what ever the fuck they are). As soon they won they shat out this lovely little communique I do wonder if that speech writer decided to see if he could sneak in as many IngSoc themes as possible.

I digress. What kind of country are we, the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland? Supposedly we are tolerant, Innovative, Enterprising and swear by the concept of fair play.

What do you reckon dear reader is a fair amount of refugees to take from Syria? (a war that we provoked, and an enemy that we actively encouraged until it was too late. ) 10,000? 20,000? 100,000? nope. Apparently our fair share of 4,000,000+ displaced Syrians is 216

Seriously. 216.

Can you imagine Shindler’s list if Britain had been so fucking morally corrupt during WW2? It’d be a short film.

So why are we taking so few

One argument is that its too much of a financial burden. Perhaps its the lack of infrastructure? Perhaps its the lack of housing? That could all be the case, if it wasn’t for Lebanon taking in a million Syrians. That means 1 in 5 people in Lebanon are now refugees. Its all the more incredible considering it was pretty much flattened by the Israelis less than five years ago.

so its not about lack of resources

No, its about UKIP. The Tories are worried that if we let in out fair share of refugees, the telegraph, sun, times and the daily mail will use it to beat them with. This would then drive our wonderful racist contingent right into the loving embrace of UKIP.

That’s right, its not about morals or saving your fellow man, Its about 5 more years of a large expense account. The only thing that Cameron has to loose is his job. (but then he’s retiring anyway….)


So Cameron, May et al, whats your excuse? do you risk death by starvation/bullets/gas chambers for saving the lives of refugees? no. You, the government, and associated machinery disgust me. The world requires so very little from you (in comparison) and yet you fail so miserably.

What can you do?

Write to your MP, using real paper. Drop into their surgery and beast them for their failure to be British, English, or even just human. Without your noise, The government and media will chug on, marching ever closer to IngSoc hell.

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