Immigration and you, or learn to vote you dick.

There is one group of people in Britain growing faster than any other.  They are putting huge strains on the NHS and other parts of the welfare state. Their numbers have swelled by an estimated 280,000 this year alone.

They already cost social services around £100 billion a year. The vast majority of these handouts are automatic, that is to say, it doesn’t matter how much legitimate income you earn you’ll still get a bonus from the british government.  There is no reasoning with them any mention of means testing will result in a blisteringly personal attack.

Not content with draining the welfare state, they exert an unreasonable amount of control on all parts of housing in britian (and abroad). A large part of social housing is tied up housing them. They own a disproportionately large part of prime London properties, often selling them with profit margins of 500% or more.

What’s more disturbing is the effect on the media. They divert attention away from the real issues that affect Britons everyday: Power station renewal, Taxation reform (both private and corporate), Unprecedented censorship & surveillance, and last but not least the long overdue simplification and consolidation of the legal system.

Yes that’s right I’m talking about immigrants pensioners.

The welfare system was designed as a safety net to ensure “freedom from want” Currently we have a situation where people with final salary pensions of £20k+ (something deigned to my generation) are still getting a state pension. Infact there are 300,000 pensioners living in Spain alone. In 2009 90,000 decided to start drawing a state pension. Overall there are 1.2 million pensioners living it up abroad at our expense.

Am I suggesting we stop paying people pensions? Most certainly not. I’m merely suggesting means testing would allow the very poorest to receive more, save money and preserve the concept of a state pension for the next generation.

Overall there are 12.8 million people drawing the state pension. Contrast that to official statistics of 5.5 million people claiming work related benefits. As an interesting comparison 185 thousand “foreigners” claim the same benefits (4% vs 17% of “british born”)

Yet almost every day we hear how immigration is destroying Britain.

Immigration is crucial to the economy. That is to say, the acquisition of highly educated & motivated people is mandatory for economic prowess. Ironically as more people become pensioners, the more immigrants we need to pay tax.

Is uncontrolled immigration a good thing? Most certainly not. That’s why there is a visa system. Sadly, the people running it are at best rubbish, at worst criminally incompetent.

Immigration is a sideshow; Romanians are not going to over run us like zombies. It’s a useful distraction to divert your attention from the real matters at hand:

  • Lack of housing (House price rises)
  • Poor infrastructure planning (No new power stations, railways)
  • Youth unemployment
  • Woefully poor negotiation with our EU counterparts (humiliation on the worlds stage)
  • Criminally incompetent contract negotiation (Rural broadband, G4S, hinkley point)
  • Undermining of the legal system (Eddy stobart lawyers….)
  • Replacing curriculum with ideology.
  • and the conservatives ever-gleeful frog march into Dickensian poverty.

So what can one do? Vote you cunt. Nobody will listen until you are registered to vote. Go register now. Do it now, then write to your MP telling him/her that you want solutions to real problems, not headlines to chase opinion polls.

Or you could just sit there and wait for someone else to give a shit.

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