First Pictures

One has the keys!
I finally managed to get the keys. The
estate agent (which I have never met) to my annoyance shuts at 6PM, the
same time I finish work. This meant not getting the keys till Saturday.
sadly making 1% commission they refused my request for the keys to be
ferried to me by taxi. Parasites. 

Juicy Pictures:

The Left picture is my new den. On the right is me and Gems, with Jazz hands and the hallway.


two pictures are the living room. The Previous owns wanted to milk
another 4-6% yield on the place and have divided the room with Plaster

the Left is the huge kitchen, more space than you can shake a pooey
stick at. The bathroom on the right however is slightly less
voluminous, and even less well laid out.



the left is Gem’s Den. Once the building’s heating system has been
installed we can rip out the horribly ineffecient tank. On the right is
the master bedroom.

Things to do:
you can see in
the picture that we’ve made a start on the main bedroom, one wall has
been stripped relieving a wall with more holes than swiss cheese.  All
the rooms have to be painted, most of them need wall paper removing.
The heating needs to be put back, and some of the windows replacing, as
the vacuum has gone.

stay tuned for more monotony.