All moved in!

After months of late night, stress, shingles and other such lovely things; We have finally moved into the secret batcave! Its now just a case of emptying boxes and finding places for things. Easier said than done, considering the sheer amount of stuff we’ve both accumulated. T’other half has 3 boxes of shoes.


As a moving in present, the parental unit purchased a sheevaplug: 1.2Gigs of floating pointless fury. Whilst not a speed daemon it is very cheap ~£80 from newit and low power. The nearest equivalent would be the IGEPv2 Beagle board clone. It has a lower power consumption and a floating point unit, but is two thirds more expensive, and has no casing.

Eventually when all the dust has settled, I’ll use some arduinos as I/O expander for the sheevaplug and start logging temperature/power/environment data again.