It appears that even in deepest darkest suburbia its still possibly to have fun:


All moved in!

After months of late night, stress, shingles and other such lovely things; We have finally moved into the secret batcave! Its now just a case of emptying boxes and finding places for things. Easier said than done, considering the sheer amount of stuff we’ve both accumulated. T’other half has 3 boxes of shoes.


As a moving in present, the parental unit purchased a sheevaplug: 1.2Gigs of floating pointless fury. Whilst not a speed daemon it is very cheap ~£80 from newit and low power. The nearest equivalent would be the IGEPv2 Beagle board clone. It has a lower power consumption and a floating point unit, but is two thirds more expensive, and has no casing.

Eventually when all the dust has settled, I’ll use some arduinos as I/O expander for the sheevaplug and start logging temperature/power/environment data again.


Bonfire night

A bit late obviously. Heyshott Bonfire is possibly the best bonfire night you can go to. You pay £2.50 for a torch. Once they’ve sold them all you “precess” down the only road in the village. To aid proceedings you are of course led by a Scots band. Once the signal has been given, everyone lights up.


At the end of the precession you jostle for position round an unlit bonfire.
some brave marshals oversee the “touch bearers” as they line up. Once everyone has got into position and the marshals have mounted the guy, the word is given to throw touches onto the fire.

fireLady.JPGIt doesn’t take long for the fire to catch hold.


Soho sunset

Taken last year when the pollution was at its best. It was genuinely this orange. and by genuinely, I mean enhanced by Photoshop.


Backyard view

Or “Vooo” as its pronounced in Norfolk
Yes, I know its massive, but you need to get the full majesty of south london on a cloudy day. On the extreme left is the railway line from london bridge, a useful source of white noise late into the evening.

I borrowed a Canon 5D mark II from work. Its a nice camera. Unlike the
previous Canons I’ve tried the thumb wheel goes in the right direction.
(unlike the light meter.) I also borrowed Canon’s £90 50mm lens, which
is utter shite.

I did some night shots to see how well the high ISO sensor performed. I’ll post some pictures later.


ooooo very “arty”

roughly translated as: nice exposure settings idiot.



One is a homeowner

As of the 9th of October, I will be a proud no voting member of the home owning democracy. I will get the keys next week. Hopefully there won’t be too much damage from the four current/soon to be ex tenants.  The Bat Plan:
Make the place liveable. currently there is no living room, just two rabbit hutches side by side.  The heating is sub-par, the double glazing is rotting (hurrah for uPVC eh?) and there is no TV.

before we can move in I need to:

  • Get electrician to replace the fuse box, and other nasties.
  • Obtain permission from the Council to knock down the stud wall
  • Install proper heating
  • Install better hot water
  • Lay cat6
  • Get the phone line and internet swapped
  • Remove the Carpets
  • Remove the Stud wall
  • Paint
  • Lay new carpet
  • Install new bookcase
  • Buy a new bed
  • Install TV/sofa combo
  • Move contents from old house

So, about three days work, with tea breaks. Last time we moved t’other half suddenly became ill with the black death, leaving me and her dad to do all the heavy lifting.

film Photography


Hurrah for hillside!
hillside005.jpghillside010.jpgHmm sweet 120MM goodness. I think the film got nobbled by the heat and humidity towards the end. The night shot was the last on the roll, and you can see all the lovely blotches in the sky.



I spent most of my weekends as a youngster here. Here is a quick and dirty panoramic photo. (I know it doesn’t look that panoramic, but it was taken on a 50mm lens.)