Hal9000 v2

As you might be aware, I have already made a hal9000 replica. Looking up the dates, it’s just about ten years since I made it.

Anyway, a while back I wanted to make an improved one, after seeing a bunch of kickstarters. So I decided to make a parametric CAD model, because I couldn’t source the right lens anymore.

Much time has passed, but I’ve finally managed to cut, assemble and test with a 720×720 screen and lens.

A video of the startup sequence.

There are many things that are wrong:

  • No logo
  • Wrong height of standoffs
  • Screen not aligned to lens
  • Speaker grill not made
Listen to these

Most importantly, I’ve not installed these sexy bicoloured switches.

However, what *is* right is using a screen to render the lens glow. Whilst it’s not quite as realistic as a real glowing lens, it looks better than my previous version.

I can now animate the “eye”, replace it with text, and generally get much more flexibility.

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