Large escapement

I really like the look of large “school” escapement models. Typically they are plate sized models of working escapements, allowing key features to be demonstrated. You can see a very nice collection here. (Along with some history, pricing and other bits of information.)

So I decided to make a simple “electric” escapement, because I don’t have the patients or the maths to work out and make a hair spring.


This is the essential style of the device. However this version failed because the wheel wasnt actually symmetrical.

V2 is more functional

After remaking the wheel manually, rather than using the cnc, we get a much better result. However I only have four magnets on the wheel, which isn’t enough to start spinning under its own power.

I need to add many more magnets, and a third coil of I want it to be self starting. I also need to master quadrature motor driving too.

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